Paul Pittman P.C.In early 2014, I had an idea take seed in my heart.  After years of operating in a practice with other lawyers, I wondered if it might be time to take that crazy and exciting leap of opening an individual practice.  It was a time when I craved simplicity.  Eliminating the responsibilities of assisting in the running of a midsize law firm and just focusing on my practice, my family and my health was very appealing.  So in the spring 2014, I notified my peers that I intended to open my own practice, Pittman P. C., in September of 2014. While there remain challenges to running a practice alone, I have found it to be a simpler, more manageable road, as I had hoped.  The decision, though difficult, was the right one, and thankfully, with office space just below my old one, I am not far from the people I care deeply for and would never want to fall out of touch with.  So, the new beginning has begun, and it has proven to be a wise decision for me.  I am grateful, and as a part of the past, present and, hopefully, future of my practice, I wanted to share more with you. This is just a brief glimpse under the surface and into the heart of why I do what I do.

What a journey. I am sure many of you can say those three words with me. Whether you are in retirement, knocking on the door to your fifties, hitting cruise on your second decade in a career or just starting on this road called “work”, you have a story that has brought you to this place, this “now”.

I graduated from college twenty-six years ago, and reflecting back on the years since, I am struck by how much my priorities and focus have evolved and changed. I remember the early years, where ambition and drive characterized my days, laced with just a bit of fear as to whether I could make it ‘on my own’ in private practice. I spent hours and hours, perhaps even too many, building my business and kept my eyes closely on the bottom line and the progress of the practice in order to be successful. Maybe many of you can relate.

Fast forward ten years and I see, in reflection, how I began to change. Funny how marriage and children slowly dragged my eyes away from work, and I found myself desiring a fuller and richer life based increasingly on great relationships and a strong family life. My practice and business interactions actually benefitted from my new focus. I had always enjoyed great friendships, and the interests of my clients were always kept in focus, but the lives of my clients became more and more important to me. A health crisis only served to intensify this priority shift.

Now, well into my third decade as a legal, tax and business advisor, I have settled the issue; to build relationships and trust with my clients, to care for them and for their families, is the goal, the raison d’etre (reason for being), my true heart for what I do every day. Taking great care of them and their interests excites me and fills my days with purpose. In my practice, I so enjoy the long history I have with many of my clients, and truly feel blessed to consistently meet new people and families.

Life can be hard and scary, throwing unexpected and difficult circumstances your way. It can also be blessed and rich. Whatever place you find yourself in on your journey, my desire is to continue to navigate the issues you face with you, giving you a measure of peace, that you have done all you could do, and that you have done your part for your family, your business partners, and your future. I sincerely consider it a privilege to be the practitioner you choose to advise and assist you, and look forward to the continued opportunity to serve you in the days ahead.

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