The holiday season is nearly upon us ­– the retailer Christmas decorations are proof enough. Life is moving at warp speed with work, family, travel plans, holiday plans – you name it. At the office, my team just finished the 2018 tax season with the final October 15 deadline. It was another great year and we have been blessed with new opportunities and continued trust from long-time clients and friends.

My body is a little tired and a bit broken with injuries to my right heel and left knee. Consequently, my mind has not been as clear as I wish and my stress is certainly more than I want and what is good for me. This experience has reminded me more than once that too often we get caught up in our routines and get off track. We must make time to take a breath, rebalance and refocus on the important things in our lives.

Regardless of the season we find ourselves in, I believe it is important to pause and have self-reflection. What is important to each one of us? Are we focused on our priorities? Are we finding the right balances in life?

I took this past Fall Break off to catch my breath and reflect on 2018. I committed this week to refocusing on my physical and mental health. Working out, stretching, eating better, reading more, being more intentional regarding my faith and revisiting my dream journal. I was also able to take some time to spend alone with my wife, Marci. With my younger two children on break in Gulf Shores Alabama, we spent the week at home together – laughing, watching movies, sneaking off to dinner and working on projects around the house. It was a great time for us to reconnect and enjoy each other.

What we do with our lives and the decisions we make are truly our choice. I’ll share with you again one of my friend’s, Missy Shopshire’s mantras: “I am ridiculously in charge of my life; we all are. Sometimes we simply forget. Sometimes we just need to be reminded.”

I encourage you to find some quiet time to listen to yourself. It’s good to have those singular conversations – they can help us reprioritize if things have gone out of whack. Think about what is important to you in your life – your health, your family, friends, relationships, dreams, faith, work? Make a commitment to spend time and energy for the important things in your life. And, make sure that the important things in your life are truly the important things in your life.

Keep dreaming, live life to the fullest and outside your comfort zone and don’t take anything for granted – tomorrow is promised to none of us.

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