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Business Advisory

If you run your own business, your time is in short supply. Dealing with legal and tax issues pulls you away from doing what you do best. We have twenty-five years of experience navigating the legal and tax situations pertinent to small businesses. This is what we do best, so why not let us manage those issues for you?

Starting a brand new business? You and your partners heading in different directions? Handling contracts that require capturing in writing or negotiating? Hiring new employees and need employment agreements? Starting a new chapter in your life and closing a business? Merging or acquiring a business? We have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that the process goes smoothly for you, and you can have peace of mind that your business matters are in good hands.


  • Entity Selection & Formation
  • Contract Negotiations & Drafting
  • Business & Succession Planning
  • Shareholder & Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Employment Agreements & Non-Competes
  • Dissolution of Businesses
  • Minority or Women-Owned Business Certifications


“Paul Pittman has been there with me and with the growth of my business for many years. He takes the time to understand the aspects of my business and truly cares about our people. He is very thorough and brings the human element into play, which gives you that security that you truly have another team member on your side.”

Gary Hendrickson
Managing Partner, Supreme Great Lakes

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